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Nihon Logifactory (NLF) provides comprehensive consulting services focused on logistics industry. Since 1996 NLF has been a unique company which address to be a bridge between consignor companies and forwarding companies for a total logistics solution.

Saving Your Needs

NLF can assume Logistics Bank which develops the most effective approach to various
improvements in logistics area.
We accomplish this by managing integrated movement of human resources, goods, capital and information.
Our services includes:

1.Consulting Service
We support to create logistics strategy.
2.Integrated diagnosis & Matching Services
Based on close survey we present appropriate Information System to accelerate the operational process.
3.Human Resoures Development & Recruiting
We introduce very attractive positions to people who are looking for positions in logistics area, and also highly qualified professionals in logistics area to logistics companies in Japan.
Finance Service
We function to be momentum toward Asset management, M&A and restructuring of business operations.

Consulting Service For Consignor Companied

  • Implementing logistics cost reduction based on minute analysis of whole cost structure
  • Providing full support to seek out the most appropriate logistics method and frameworks
  • Developing and planning logistics location
  • Supply Chain Planning

Consulting Service For Forwarding Companies

  • Strengthening your competencies by having strong grasp of whole cost structure and helping you meet needs of marketplace and price-conscious clients
  • Building up sales strategy to get more business opportunities